About Us


I used to fly back and forth from London to Dubai frequently, I am an electrical engineer by trade and travel to the Middle East often to work on different projects. Whenever I was flying back to UK; I used to receive various requests from family and friends to bring items back from Dubai which are not found in UK, or if they are available in UK, the quality is not comparable to those from Dubai.

One does not have to be a garment connoisseur to notice the superiority of Abayas and Thobes made in Dubai compared to UK. The material used is different, Abayas made in Dubai drape elegantly and are ‘breathable’ and the tailors in Dubai have been making Abayas and Thobes for centuries so the garments are a cut above the rest. I used to purchase Thobes online before coming to Dubai, but they were all polyester made, badly made, not breathable which made me overheat and sweat and made a ‘woosh-woosh’ sound as I moved and the polyester rubbed together!

Not only Dubai-Made Abayas are sought after in Europe and America, but even from all around the Middle East people drive to Dubai to purchase Abayas, such is the quality and workmanship of Dubai-Made Abayas.

I wanted to set up a website where purchasing quality Abayas and Thobes would be accessible to those who do not live in Dubai. My intention was not to set up another mass produced, low price, low quality Abaya website, since there are plenty of those already available all over the internet. My aim was to set up a site for true Abaya and Thobe aficionados offering a bespoke tailoring service, paying particular attention to detail.

In 2014 I spent a few months myself sourcing fabric from mills in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK for our 100% cotton made Thobes and smooth Nida fabric from Japan which is the hallmark of our signature Abayas. Prior to coming to UK, our Abayas and Thobes are hand made by talented tailors in Dubai who work for some of the most exclusive Abaya boutiques in Dubai. Our Abaya collection is updated regularly, since new Abaya designs come to shops every few weeks in Dubai. So come back to www.Boutique971.com regularly to check these out.

If for any reason you feel like contacting me directly; you can always e-mail me at Aidin@Boutique971.com