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What Makes an Abaya A Cut Above The Rest?

Ever wondered why an Abaya purchased in some parts of the world, like Dubai, looks amazing? Drapes well and looks sophisticated? Whilst the ones you buy in London or Paris do not compare?

Well, it comes down to many factors. The fabric used in the construction, the experience of the tailor, the detailing that goes into the embroidery. These are just a few characteristics which make an Abaya stand out from the rest. it is the only thing one can think of while looking for modest Muslim dresses in UK.

It is not an exaggeration to say nearly all Islamic Long Dresses in UK which find their way to London or Paris, or anywhere else in the world, are made from cheap polyester fabric. Which of course will make you hot wearing it and will not drape well at all.

All our Abayas are bespoke. They are hand made from soft, smooth Nida fabric which is breathable. They are designed and constructed by talented tailors in Dubai to your exact measurements. Our talented tailors work for some of the most exclusive Abaya boutiques in the world. Our Abayas are then shipped to UK.